Thursday, March 29, 2012

Willie Nelson to take burned and staving horses

Horses to retire to his ranch in Texas

Willie Nelson rescues horse

The famous musician has agreed to take in Whisper the stallion along with mare Traveler from a man accused of neglecting them. Whisper was not only severely underweight, but suffering from kerosene burns from when his owner allegedly tried to cure a fungus along his back.

Both horses went into the care of Lowcountry nonprofit LEARN (Livestock and Equine Awareness and Rescue Network.

Earlier this month, Dwight Benjamin McCloud was charged with three counts of failure to provide care or treatment for a diseased or injured animal; three counts of failure to provide humane treatment to animals; and one count of failure to provide adequate food and water. He had four horses, but only two were seized. 

According to Elkins, Nelson is using Whisper and Traveler's story to advocate for humane treatment of equines, something he has championed for years.

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  1. Go Willie!!! You are so AWESOME for taking those horses,I wish I could help !!!

  2. Thank you Willie! Keep up the great work <3


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