Saturday, October 8, 2011

Harry Potter dog too famous to be adopted

Rescue organization concerned of adoption for wrong reasons

A few weeks ago we wrote about Berry,  the Harry Potter dog that went from movie star to homeless when his stuntman owner could no longer take care of him.

A representative from the German Shepherd Dog Rescue in the UK said that they will not let anyone adopt Berry until the some of the publicity surrounding the “Harry Potter” films goes down significantly. The charity is concerned that people will just want to adopt Berry for his star power  and not because they actually want him for friendship and companionship.

The representative said they are busy looking into people who are interested in adopting Berry and will then decide which potential owner is right for him.

Hopefully someone will adopt Berry and give him a good home because they love him, not because he’s a superstar.

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  1. what a lovely dog I hope he finds his forever home really soon and that it is someone who truely loves him :) I found you via the staurday blog hop, I am new to blogs and have just started mine would love you to come over and say hello :)

  2. I actually worried about that when I first read the story that he was up for adoption. I am so glad they are waiting for the hype to die down. The dog is so gorgeous. I hope he finds the right home when the time is right.
    Happy hopping!


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