Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Speaking of my beautiful pink hydrangea

 I used this in my first Pink Ribbon Inspiration design

As a Breast Cancer survivor myself, I know how important Inspiration is to fighting a terrible illness. I also believe that sometimes, in even the smallest thing - a smile, a touch, a wagging tail - we can find inspiration.

I am inspired by nature - always have been. I  find my peace there. I love the flowers and bushes in my yard. I even called it my healing garden because it gave me so much pleasure just to sit and look  I  felt so at peace.

This  was the first year since my treatments that this hydrangea bush has bloomed. And  it came out with all its' blazing glory. The colors were magnificent. It was truly an inspiration!

It inspired me to do a collection of Pink Ribbon Inspiration designs. Right now you can see a few samples on my Picasa album here - Pink Ribbon Inspiration designs. 

I will put them in my Etsy store where I have a couple Pink Ribbon Inspiration pet designs now. 

This one looks like my little shelter dog I had years ago.
He had gone to Rainbow Bridge a few years before my illness but I'll post later how I went to the local pet store for "puppy hugs".

Puppy hugs are definitely inspiration!!

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