Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bob Barker flies three endangered elephants from Toronto to California

The $880,000 flight will carry the elephants by private plane.

elephantsThe last remaining elephants at Toronto Zoo; Thika, Iringa and Toka will soon be turned loose at the PAWS Sanctuary in San Andreas, California.  The elephants are being relocated amidst concerns that the Toronto climate is unsuited for tropical animals.

At first the three elephants had been scheduled to make the long arduous journey by foot.  The issue became one of them developed a foot issue which could have made the trek fatal. 


That’s when Barker called and said he would personally pay for the air flight.

Barker said in a statement,

The elephants “have suffered so much for so long and now they have an opportunity to live the rest of their lives at what has been described as ‘elephant paradise.’ To think that one of them might not survive the trip in a truck touched my heart and purse strings.”

The Performing Animals Welfare Society (PAWS) elephant sanctuary has acres of land for the pachyderms to explore including lakes, hills and flatlands; plus there are other elephants are on hand to meet.


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