Friday, February 24, 2012

Rufo – A shelter dog’s dream come true

Rufo finds a home
Rufo finds a home after years at shelter

Rufo, a pit bull mix, spent over 7 years at the Yonkers, N.Y. Animal Shelter.

But this wonderful shelter and staff never gave up on this sweet boy or his chance to find his "hero." 

Of course they loved him and kept him as happy as they could, with two hours of daily exercise and lots of games of fetch.

In reality, however, this poor boy spent almost all of his day, for more than half his expected life, inside a cage.
A woman, who had spent some time with Rufo at the shelter, started making calls about him to people she knew. One couple couldn't take him but couldn't get him off their minds either, and the woman remembered someone she had given a dog to years before.

This man and the dog lived happily together for many years until the dog died of old age. She thought it was worth a try to contact him about Rufo.

And after years of waiting, this is the result of that call. This video by Ainslie Sheridan Brennan shows it best.

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