Friday, February 24, 2012

Dog travels 300 miles in 7 weeks then back home

Chassis the traveling dog
Chassis, the 1½-year-old Huskie dog broke loose from her chain late New Year’s Day. On Saturday, a family in Taopi, Minn., almost 300 miles south of Duluth, took in a dog matching Chassis’ description. On Tuesday, the dog was home in Lakewood Township.

Weeks into Chassis’ disappearance, Musel heard from a Cloquet woman, also missing a husky, who had seen a Craigslist post for a dog found in southern Minnesota. Musel contacted the poster, and the two exchanged photos and information about the dog, culminating in a Skype session that gave Musel enough certainty to make the five-hour drive to be sure.

“I prepared myself for it to not be her,” Musel said. “When I got out of the car she jumped up and put her paws on my chest and looked at me, and licked my face. I just knew it was her.”

Brenda Kiefer’s family took the husky in after she had been hanging around their property.
“I have no idea how she got that far,” Musel said, “but I really think her instincts probably kicked in as a husky, as far as hunting. You want to know the story, and I don’t think we ever will. But I am overjoyed.”

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