Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little pet hamster terrifies taxi driver

 Australian taxi driver terrified of pet hamster he thought was a rat

 He thought it was a rat and was absolutely terrified. He drove all the way home with his cab light on and refused to go out in the car again.

''We've been merciless with him since because he was sure a rat had run into the car when he opened the door and it turns out it was just a hamster" The High Street firm's boss, Andy Lothian, laughed.

''The problem was the customer rang during the day to ask if we'd found it — she'd just got it from Pets at Home and opened the box when she got home to find it missing.

A different quick-witted, and somewhat braver, driver was able to recapture the furry felon in a biscuit tin and bring it into the office.

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