Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fluffy rabbit thinks he’s a chicken

He’s a rabbit with the soul of a chicken


rabbit thinks he's a chickenOn the surface, Otto seems like any other rabbit. He hops. He’s fluffy. He lives on a farm. But he also eats chicken feed, sits on chicken eggs, and likes to hang out with hens. He is a rabbit with the soul of a chicken!

Otto lives with his owner, a farmer named Ville Kuusinen, and Kuusinen’s family on an island in Velkua, in the south of Finland.

When Kuusinen bought 10 chickens—nine hens and a rooster—from another farmer, Otto came along as a bonus. Kuusinen first thought something was odd when he noticed Otto sitting on chicken eggs in the henhouse. Then things got even stranger—Otto tried to join the hens on the beam that is their favorite place to roost, or perch.

Kuusinen tells the Reuters news service, “I watched through the window how he jumped on the beam [with the hens], failed, tried again, and with a lot of practice, eventually he stayed up there.”

Why does Otto seem to think he’s a chicken? You can read more here.

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  1. Hahaha too funny guess he's never been around unthinkable but chickens!! Oh well as long as he's happy and safe and don't eat the eggs, what does or will it hurt let poor Otto think he's a chicken or a rooster!!! He's cute anyways


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