Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Man teaches dog to bark

 Dog learns to bark from his owner

Clyde McKenzie is very hard of hearing, so he wanted a dog that would alert him to the door bell or a ringing telephone. 

Their grandchildren found Blaze through an ad in the newspaper.

"Blaze was a big disappointment  because he wouldn't bark.  So Clyde taught Blaze to bark.

Clyde began by barking at his wife when she returned from work. The dog followed suit. Over the next few weeks, he taught the dog to bark when the phone rang and when there was a knock at the door. Then he started burning toast to set off the smoke alarm, and trained Blaze to bark at that.

"He also lets me know when my oven timer goes off," Helen McKenzie said.

"That was over 12 years ago. Now Clyde has COPD and has trouble getting up steps, so he has taught Blaze to come and get me when he needs me. If my husband is not home he will not tell me someone is at the door."

Good doggie

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