Thursday, December 8, 2011

A home for Lilly - the frightened throw-away dog

 Little Lilly found scared and screaming by the side of the road
Lilly was found abandoned at the side of the road

From Greenville, SC - Sadly, this is not an isolated incident - but this is Lilly's story
One week ago, Carmen Klapper discovered a Rottweiler/shepherd mix lying in the grass off of the interstate. Her first thought was that the dog had been hit by a car. After approaching the dog and re-evaluating the situation, her thoughts changed.

The dog, whom Klapper has named Lilly, was terrified. So terrified that she screamed whenever anyone tried to touch her - her entire body quaked in fear. She was writhing on the ground as is she were dying - completely and utterly terrified that those who were trying to help might hurt her instead.

Those who assisted the frightened dog believe that she may have been abused in the past - perhaps held or tied down in some fashion while someone beat her. Or perhaps she was so incredibly distraught over being dumped by her family that she could not function.

Though Lilly wanted help, the prospect of hands on her body left her a quaking mess.

Animal control was eventually contacted and a group effort ensured that Lilly would not be left alone on that grassy spot off of the busy roadway.

After being held at the shelter for a few days, Lilly was released to Klapper - who quickly got the abandoned dog to a veterinarian for care.

Lilly is now realizing that nobody wants to cause her pain and she is revealing her sweet (albeit shy) self. But she desperately needs a foster home.

Klapper recently had surgery on her foot and is unable to get around - as a result, Lilly is being boarded at a vet clinic.

Boarding is expensive and for a shy dog like Lilly, it is a less-than-ideal settinglizing that nobody wants to cause her pain and she is revealing her sweet (albeit shy) self.

Anyone with questions or who can help, please email Carmen at:
Those interested in helping with the boarding costs can do so by making a payment to:
 Palmetto Animal Hospital PA, 10 Roberts Blvd, Williamston, SC 29697, Phone: (864) 847-7678

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  1. Please Lord, as you hear this, please please comfort this dog and make it to where someone can help it. Thank you for the person who rescued this hurting precious little soul. Please help him Lord, he is your child. Please make the people who dumped him pay, as I know you will. In Jesus name, Amen.


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