Saturday, October 1, 2011

First TV commercial aimed at dogs

 This dog food commercial is really "for the dogs"

The Swiss food giant Nestle released a statement saying that it has  "created the first-ever television commercial especially for dogs." And when they say "commercial especially for dogs," they apparently mean it.

According to the report, the TV spot, which is going to be screened on Austrian television, is going to feature sounds that can be picked up by dogs, including a squeak similar to a chew toy, and a high frequency tone that dogs can hear.

The high frequency tone is barely perceptible to the human ear, but grabs the attention of dogs.

We thought this idea might be a bit far out--but who knows, it could be the next big marketing craze!


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  1. What they won't think of next. Not sure I want my dog to be driven crazy by squeaks when some commercial airs!

  2. Just stopping by on the Saturday Hop to say hello. Hope you can make Blogpaws 2012. Wishing you a joy-filled day!


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