Friday, October 7, 2011

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary wins Pepsi contest

Exotic Pet Sanctuary now able to expand thanks to Pepsi contest

Beth Randall, owner of Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary in German Valley, Ill, is living the dream.

Not only does she run a non-profit pet sanctuary, but nowwith the help of Pepsi, she is getting closer to seeing her vision of a stand-alone facility to house the more than 300 exotic pets in her care.

Since 2004, Randal has seen her sanctuary grow bigger than she could have ever dreamed.  For years she has wanted to take this business even bigger to offer a better outreach for her cause.
During the month of August, Pepsi held the “Pepsi Refresh Everything Project.” It was a national contest that Randall had to apply to where the top 10 winners would receive $50,000 from Pepsi.

In Randall’s application to be part of the contest, she had to show specific goals for the money to be used. From the $50,000 she will be getting, she is to use part of the money to care for the animals and the other part to buy the land.  She would like to buy two acres, which would be what she needs for the pole building structure to house 1,000 exotic animals (critters). The money will help buy the land. The next step is to raise additional fund through grant applications and donations to build the facility.

"I an so happy and it is beyond wonderful for a sanctuary our size,” she said. “At least for awhile I will not have to worry about where the money will come from to feed and care for the animals.” 

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