Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Service dog banned from workplace

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Interesting dilemma - What do you think 

Paprika smelling service dog banned from workplace
Emily Kysel, a 24-year-old Indianapolis city worker has a potentially fatal allergy to paprika. She nearly died five years ago from eating chili.  Since then she has been to the emergency room 5 times and taken self injections - sometimes just from inhaling nearby paprika.

Kysel’s boss banned co-workers from eating any foods containing paprika—like buffalo wings-- at their desks. Her family helped her buy a $10,000 allergy-detection service dog that alerts her to the presence of paprika by jumping on her. But the first day she took the golden retriever to work, a co-worker with an allergy to dogs suffered an asthma attack. Kysel’s boss has now banned the dog.

She has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission contending that the city of Indianapolis has treated her unfairly by barring her service dog while allowing blind employees to use theirs.

This raises an interesting questions - How to balance the sometimes clashing interests of co-workers with disabilities.

What do you think --

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