Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Police dog now protects fallen partner's family

 Retired K-9 dog now a member of the family

Ace - The retired K-9 dog
Ace was the partner of K-9 Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz, who was murdered by a fugitive last January. Almost immediately, the St. Petersburg Police Department said the 5-year-old German Shepherd was too old to assign to a new handler. He was the family's to keep -- if they wanted him.

It was actually at the service when the widow of the fallen officer decided "I think I'm going to keep that dog," Lorraine Yaslowitz recalled.

The couple's three children had already decided. "They wanted him to stay. I mean, immediately after I told them the news that was, like, probably the second question: Where's Ace going? We're going to keep him, right?"

They share the duties of feeding, exercise and are becoming experienced with the pooper scooper.

Ace gets along fine with the other family pet, a blonde Labrador, but spends most of his time outside. With a little patience, training and time they are hoping to calm Ace down enough to live inside and become a permanent member of the family.

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