Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pet rabbit saves owner from fire

 Little pet rabbit is a hero

We've all read the stories of pet dogs or cats being heroes and saving their  human families from disaster, well this story comes out of Alaska where a pet rabbit was the hero.

The rabbit woke up the homeowner early in the  morning by scratching on her chest. The homeowner realized that the house was full of smoke, woke up her daughter and fled the house to safety.

The fire was brought under control fairly quickly and damage to the house from flames, smoke and water was considered moderate.

While there were no injuries to the mother or daughter, the rabbit was not so lucky. Sadly, the little pet rabbit  succumbed to smoke inhalation and did not survive.

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1 comment:

  1. That was a great way to repay your rabbit it saves you and you forget to carry it out to safety, ugh when my house caught fire my 2 cats and dig were the first out to the back garage well one car decided she was gonna run upstairs she was stupid I web up after her but she just kept running so I left her dumbness!! She survived!! My stupid dog got so scared in his Kennell he dug the carpet up in front and around the cage thank god husband was home bc it took all his strenghth to drag the cage outside we couldnt open it with the carpet strings in front of the cage but hubby pulled it out of the back door which luckily was close!! Stupid dog our fat mean cat just lates by the back door wouldn't even attemp to come out we had to come back in and get him!!! So glad the kitchen fire didn't spread rapidly!! We would have been dead for sure saving these animals main reason dog was in kennel he liked to hop on stove and counters while I cooked tried to avoid this situ station but it was my fault!! Cat burned his paw and tongue once never came back to the kitchen had to feed him in the bathroom, haha he learned his lesson glad too bc when id go to work he'd eat the meat I was soaking in the sink, always thought it was the dog but one day I caught the cat doing it!! Was so mad with that beast now I miss him!!! Rip kitty Tom!!!! 2-182011


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