Monday, September 12, 2011

Over 600,000 pets affected by natural disasters this year

 Make sure you have arrangements for your pet in time of disaster

The American Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPCA) has estimated that more than 600,000 cats and dogs have been affected by natural disasters nationwide so far this year, and that number does not include the many impacted by Hurricane Irene.

Cute cat and dog - protect them in disaster
The ASPCA has a number of recommendations for pet owners, including creating an emergency kit that is ready to go with items like pet food, water, bowls, a pet first aid kit, collars and leashes, cleaning supplies and copies of pet medical records.

Important note -Not all emergency shelters for people accept pets, so it is important to determine in advance where the animals can be taken. Options may include local animal shelters, motels and family members.

We just ordered a  rescue alert sticker that can help emergency responders know how many and what type of animals are in your home., You can get your free sticker at the  ASPCA website. Stickers can also be purchased at many pet supply stores

Making sure that pets always wear collars with ID tags is important, but microchipping provides a more permanent way to identify who the animal belongs to.

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