Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The groundhog has spoken - an early Spring

Thank Goodness!

On one of the worst days of the season - we get some good news. Punxsutawney Phil has given his forecast of an early Spring.

As I look out on the sheet of ice for a driveway and the sleet still coming down, it is a welcome forecast.

I'm lucky -
so many are without power in this frigid weather. I can't even imagine the 20 inches of snow that they are reporting in Chicago. 

I think of the homeless trying to brave this weather. Our local paper just last week featured an article on people living in cardboard and blanket tents. Some, only 6 months ago had a job and a "normal" life. This sagging economy has hurt so many people. 

And then there are the pets who are left out in this frigid weather. A local small dog froze to death because the owner was irresponsible (that is the nicest word I can use) and left it outside. 

We have some older blankets that we are not using. I will call the local shelter tomorrow to see if they can be of use. It is the very least I can do. 

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