Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Animals on a treadmill - a cute video

If they can do it - So Can I -

Like so many others, my New Year's resolution is to concentrate on a healthy lifestyle. 

Eat right and exercise - that's all there is to it . Oh it sounds so easy.

As for the eating, I do eat pretty healthy. But I'm joining Weight Watchers because they have a new program that is based on the newest science. I'm hoping to go to a meeting and find that ever elusive formula I've been searching for. Eat these foods and you will loose weight. It really should work but never does for me. I do eat lots of veggies and some fruit, not much meat and I stay away from the sweets. 

It's the exercise part that is my downfall. Oh, I have the equipment for it. At one time we had a virtual gym in the basement. Everything came from want ads or even freebies from others who finally gave up their equipment. The treadmill started in the bedroom. It then moved to the family room so I could watch TV so I wouldn't be so bored. Then it became a big eyesore in the family room so it went to the basement. The only time I go to the basement is when I have to do laundry. Now it is piled high with so much stuff I don't even recognize it.

Well, after watching this video of these cute little animals on the treadmill I have renewed enthusiasm. If the horse, the cats and the dog in the reindeer hat can do it -  SO CAN I

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