Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Monday Morning Smile - Dr Watson

Meet Dr Watson - one happy pup

This photo and happy story comes to me from Etta - a fellow shop owner over on Etsy.

Doesn't he have just the cutest "smile".

His story didn't have such a good beginning - here are Etta's own words-

"He was a stray in terrible condition who showed up in the back yard of our apartment building after a while on the street.

He was starving, filthy, intact, covered in wounds and terribly afraid of men. We made every effort to find an owner but couldn't bare to take him to a shelter as he was so traumatized and the local shelter is pretty terrible. Jindo's tend to bond very strongly and within a day he made it very clear that he wasn't going anywhere.

He's the sweetest guy, and while he's still a bit scared of men who are standing up he is a super happy guy too. The only one who doesn't like him is the cat, but they have a very complicated relationship."

Well, thanks to Etta and family - he sure looks happy now.

And speaking of Etta - go check out her lovely store over on Etsy - Under Oak Studios. She has unique handcrafted jewelry - you'll  be glad you did.

This is one of her pieces - This is just so ME this time of year!!!

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  1. People that love animals are so wonderful! I like your blog! Stop by mine and see my critters too! Later I will put up more pictures of my silly turkeys that I took this morning.

  2. Thanks - I do love to write about the relationship people have with their pets.

    I'm going to check your critters now


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