Friday, December 17, 2010

DoodyPops is a dog treat

DoodyPops STOOL SAMPLE all natural hypoallergenic Dog treats

MINI'S DoodyPops   STOOL SAMPLE  all natural hypoallergenic Dog treats
Like I said before - this has to be one of the most unusual pet items that I have seen in a long time. 

What looks like puppy poo at first glance is really a dog treat!
And a very healthy one at that -

Here is the info taken directly for the  Etsy listing:

This is a great way to try them, or just buy some as a gag gift or prank.

And let me say they are NOT REAL POO, though I have taken much time to get them to look like it!
For a joke, a New Puppy shower, any gift giving holiday really , your possibly coprophagous pooch will be in heaven while humans will roll with laughter!

These are not just a joke but are specially made for dogs allergic to most treats (like my Cairn terriers!). They do NOT contain wheat, soy, corn or preservatives. They are handmade by me and my dogs eat them too. There are many reasons dogs may be on restricted diets and these are also sugar and salt free.

They have limited ingredients -great for the allergic dog, consisting of free range, hormone and antibiotic free farm fresh turkey, Rye flour, Brown rice flour, sunflower seeds flax seeds and free range eggs. ALL HUMAN GRADE. Colors by Select Tea, all natural.

Despite the limited ingredients, my dogs go nuts for them due to the use of fresh meat. These are thoroughly cooked and further dehydrated, but as they contain no preservatives, its probably best to use within a reasonable amount of time or refrigerate.

Made to order, and like a snowflake no 2 are alike!

All natural, organic, allergen-wheat-hormone-antibiotic -sugar-salt free,

And a little more info direct from the seller--

Yes, you CAN patent poo on a stick! At least i did, now i guess you can't. Anyway, these are my brainchild so that tells you I have picked up lots of poo in my day.
Just to clarify, these are only poo INSPIRED, and NOT made of poo. They are high quality handmade hypo-allergenic dog treats. They are made with organic flours and seeds and also made with meats that are hormone and antibiotic free! Some styles have free range egg glazes, colored with ALL NATURAL food colors from Select tea.
If you have an elderly dog, or one with dental issues, let me know and these can be made softer, but must be refrigerated.
In addition, these are baked and further dehydrated on parchment paper, NOT Teflon OR silicon (which contains nasty plasticizers), which most commercially available baked goods are.
I would not feed my dogs, nor bake treats for others that I would not eat myself. I WOULD EAT THESE MYSELF! If someone comes up with a big enough animal charity donation, I will do so, too, on video! You Tube, look out!
I'm getting an order to see how Maddie likes them.

They would be a "howl" as a practical joke-

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  1. DoodyPops is a fantastic maker of dog treats! Her 'poo' is hilarious!

  2. It sure is - we had 'em going over on our facebook page trying to guess what it was

  3. Doody is a riot and so are her treats!! Great feature on a great seller!


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